Friday, June 5, 2009

3D Character Animation Show Reel

Emmett Hall 3D Demo Reel from Emmett Hall on Vimeo.

3D Character Animation Reel (dur: 1:25 minutes)
Software used: Maya
All character animation by Emmett Hall

1. “The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread” 00:04-00:48
Blake rig provided by Jason Baskin, Moom rig provided Ramtin Ahmadi
Audio performed by Emmett Hall

2. “Shapes Synced to Music” 00:48-00:57
Music performed by Oingo Boingo, Little Girls

3. “Pantomime scene Part I” 00:57-01:03
Ralph rig by Tim Oberlander

4. “Walking Neutral/Attitude” 01:03-01:05
Norman rig provided by Academy of Art University

5. “Pantomime scene Part II” 01:05-01:12

6. “Bomb Scare” acting to dialogue 01:12-01:22
Blake rig provided by Jason Baskin
Audio performed by John Candy